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Beetle Challenge

Beetle Challenge
The Official Beetle Challenge Website - Aircooled VW Circuit Racing in the UK

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Race Car for Sale

July 11th, 2012

Fully race ready just needs a driver. Fresh built 1776 road legal & tax exempt £3650.




SEMSEC Membership & Entry forms

March 22nd, 2012

Apex Festival 18-20 May

February 13th, 2012


The 2012 Race Season is GO GO GO

January 1st, 2012

The count down to the first race has begun, we have new cars, new drivers and for the first time in over a decade, Beetle only grids!!!!

A series of double header races have been arranged for us by SEMSEC, giving us the some of most cost effective racing available.

The past few months have seen a lot of interest from new sponsors and drivers alike and plans are well under way to establish the Beetle Challenge as “The” classic race series to join for cost effective racing in 2012.

Watch this space for news and some exciting updates on planned events for later this year.

More racing action!

November 4th, 2011

Some more teaser footage from the racing!

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Incar Footage Teaser

October 24th, 2011

Some teaser footage from this weekends race!

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Lydden Race Results

October 24th, 2011

Race Report:

The build up to the event was as furious as ever. Not only was this set to be the first Aircooled Only Bug race for nearly two decades, there were also three cars making their debut appearance on the grid, the Blue No.5 car (On loan from Craig ‘Gandpa’ Winfield) driven by Stephen ‘Buggy’ Page, the No.59 College of North West London (CNWL) / VW Heritage car, being piloted by Trigger from Thingamies, and the No.58 VolksWorld Car being raced by ‘Dodgy’ Dave Dodge, the VolksWorld Competition winner!

The crew at the college had been burning the midnight oil installing new equipment supplied by VW Heritage, breather systems, external oil cooler, new switchgear, new extinguisher, NACA ducts, and lots of other components into both the VolksWorld and College cars to meet the strict MSA specifications.

With the hours evaporating fast both cars were raced over together to Trigger at Thingamies HQ near Heathrow (metaphorically speaking of course.. Ahem.. strictly in a non-competitive manor!). Trigger’s crew immersed themselves in the some additional race prep and final safety checks of both cars. This was the first time Trigger had even sat in the CNWL/VW Heritage car, and he was going to be racing it in 48hrs!

With less than 24hrs till driver sign-on disaster struck, a tow-vehicle blew a head gasket! Cookie, one of the other racers, dropped everything and took a spare T4 Trig had in his yard to the College workshops, where Mechanical Engineering tutor John Skinsley swapped out a driveshaft and then procured a fresh MoT.

Race day arrived, and the bugs set off on convoy to Lydden Hill Circuit in Kent. It’s a club racers favourite track, the circuit is set in a valley so gives unrivaled spectator viewing too! The temperatures were chilly but the sky was blue, so we were on for a dry race! There was a nice turn out of VW’s along with some 356 Porsches and a spyder replica in the grounds.

All the bugs passed scrutaneering (A nervous moment for all drivers!), and we all geared up for Qually.

Then the second disaster of the day.. just as the clerk of the course announced over the tannoy that the Beetles need to make their way to the fire-up lane, the VolksWorld car blew an oil line in the paddocks, dumping VR1 Racing oil everywhere! Some rapid spannering from Florence Butcher and Mavis from Thingamies saw Dodgy Dave and the race car make it to qually with just seconds to go! Nothing like a bit of drama to enhance your debut qualifying session!

Qually saw unfortunately saw three retirements. The silver No.60 car with Cookie at the wheel, he was improving his lap times when he was let down by a 50p oil seal on an oil cooler.. and ended up retiring (serious damage avoided so will be out next season)

The blue No.5 car, driven by Stephen ‘Buggy’ Page was building up his confidence and pace consistently, the car he borrowed from Craig ‘Grandpa’ Winfield, only to retire due to engine issues.. to be fair the engine was a complete unknown quantity, and will now get a refresh and we’ll see him out again next season too!

Finally the last retirement was ‘Grandpa’ in his No.78 car, which was really gutting, as he had personally put masses of time and effort getting the race organized, and he seized his new stroker motor after putting in just a few laps with great times on cold tyres.

Perftec Phil in the yellow No.96 car ended up at the front of the grid for the race, with Simon ‘Monster’ Sergides, taking the second spot in his asbo-orange No.48 car. Completing the grid was Trigger in the No.59 CNWL/VW Heritage car and Dodgy Dave, the competition winner, in the No.59 VolksWorld car. Would have been great to have all 7 cars on the starting grid.. but that’s racing!

The lights went out and the bugs shot into the distance, Dodgy Dave had an issue with first gear and set off in second – damn –

The first few laps saw some hilarious fisty cuffs between the yellow car of Perftec Phil, the orange bug Monster and Trigger in the No.59 CNWL / VW Heritage Car, with Monster and Trigger swapping positions in a fight that was allowing Perftec Phil to pull a lead.

It was all tyre squealing action, apparently the spectators had their hearts in their mouths just watching the antics play out.. imaging what it was like for the drivers! It was heating up to be fierce battle for the podium positions.. and the usually reliable orange No48 car Monster had to pull in due to nothing more than a thrown fan belt.. but ended his race prematurely.

This released Trigger to hunt down Perftec Phil, and each lap he drew closer until they were bumper to bumper! Meanwhile Dodgy Dave in the No.58 VolksWorld car was driving a consistent race… would Trigger and Phil trip each other up and give him the lead, but either way he was on for a podium position if he could just keep it all together and stay on the track without incident.

The pressure from Trigger intensified, but Perftec Phil drove an epic defensive line, and made his car as wide as possible, lap after lap they were wheel to wheel.
With just a few laps to go Trigger made a brave move and took the lead for the first time, with Phil now piling on the pressure from behind in a role reversal!

Eventually they passed the chequered flag with Trigger just in front, taking the win in the College/VW Heritage car, Perftec Phil in second place after a fantastic battle, and Dodgy Dave taking the third place on the podium in his debut race, debuting the VolksWorld car!

Reliability proved to be the biggest challenge of the weekend. VW Heritage supplied parts in two of the podium winning cars, and featured their ‘all-new’ 1641cc engine which has been relentlessly tested in the VolksWorld car prior to the race, which is a testament to their quality.. abuse doesn’t get much tougher than circuit racing!

Special Thanks to all the sponsors:

—– The Stats —–

Qually times were:

53.007 No.78 Craig ‘Grandpa’ Winfield
53.642 No.60 Steve ‘Cookie’ McGillivary
54.616 No.5 Stephen ‘Buggy’ Stephen Page
54.728 No.96 Phil ‘Perftec’ Phil Thompson
55.634 No.48 Simon ‘Monster’ Simon Sergides
57.253 No.59 Paul ‘Trigger’ Oldfield
1:05.946 No.58 ‘Dodgy’ Dave Dodge

Although these times have some mitigating factors..

Grandpa put in his time on only 3 laps with cold tyres before having mechanical issues.. so he was looking to be on fire.. would have loved to have seen what he would have achieved on hot tires and a motor firing on all four.

Cookie was improving his times when the Oil Seal on the cooler blew :(

Buggy Steve was putting in a remarkable show, on his debut race, but he too had mechanical issues.

Perftec Phil knew he could shave at least a second off his time, in his reliable and trusty steed.. and proved it in the race!

Monster had a noise restrictor in the header to get through the sound test, which strangled the life out of the motor!

Trigger was getting to grips with the CNWL / VW Heritage car - time issues meant that the ride height wasn’t dialed in so he was taming the wild stallion, and driving round the issues, as he familiarised himself with the car - shaving 4 seconds off his qually time in the race itself

And finally Dodgy Dave, the VolksWorld competition prize winner, who had only taken his Race License a few weeks previously, improved consistently during the race taking nearly 7 seconds off his qualifying time - which is a lot to find on a short circuit like Lydden.. so congratulations (and it was a level head that got him home in one piece to take the 3rd spot on the podium in the race!)

Perftec Phil - took the fastest lap in his 1641cc motor!

Beetle Only Grid at Lydden Hill 22nd Oct

October 15th, 2011

We will be joining in the festivities at Lydden Hill Race Circuit with the South East Motor Sports Enthusiasts Club (SEMSEC) on 22nd Oct 2011.

This will be the first Aircooled Beetle Only Grid Line up for nearly 2 decades! Not only that but we will also see Dave Dodge debut in the VolksWorld race car - as he has earned his drive as the Volksworld Competition Winner (having proved his piloting skills at the Daytona Karting Day, and completing some intensive driver training, acquiring his Race License, and spending lots of time behind the wheel at a recent shake down at Brands Hatch) - Good luck Dave.. a surname could never have been more appropriate!

The day will see 8 races featuring all sorts of Marques and machinery in different classes and challenges. Bang smack in the middle of the day will see the VW BEETLE CHALLENGE RACE - Race 4

For those who haven’t visited the Lydden Hill Circuit before, its a club racers favourite, and spectators benefit from all the action taking place in a valley so you can pretty much see the entire track from most vantage points. It’s a small circuit, but dynamite is small too.. and delivers some explosive results… action is never in short supply at Lydden.. that’s for sure! - Qualifying will commence at 12:30 and the Racing will start at 14:00

For the Drivers..

Sign on is at 10:30

Scrutineering  at 10:35

Drivers Briefing: 12:00

New Drivers Briefing: 12:05 (That’s you Dave!)

Beetle Qualifying at 13:10

Beetle Race will  be at around 14:45 (TBC on the day)

Note to the spectators: It’s a really friendly affair with full access to the pits/paddocks so you can bring the family along and soak up the atmosphere (The aircooled brigade are very welcoming.. so if you have kids that want to have a sit in the cars etc.. feel free to pop over and chat over a brew!)

Also good luck to Dave Charlton who will be racing with the BARC TinTops on the same day (The BARC have been really, really great to us as we have been ’slowly’ building cars and racing - so it’s an unfortunate clash of dates on this landmark event)

Spectators are FREE for under 12’s (Or those that - Ahem - look under twelve!) and £12 for over 12’s

Travel Details:

Lydden Hill Race Circuit,
Wootton, Canterbury,
Kent CT4 6RX

(01304) 830557

Lydden Entries

October 11th, 2011

Last chance for entries tomorrow before the late fee is applied, save £25 and get them in quick !!!!!

Back on Track

October 3rd, 2011

The race at Lydden will see the welcome return of  the ex Peter Keys & Matt French Cup car back on track for the 1st time in over a decade in the hands of a new driver in his debut race.

Lydden Entry

October 1st, 2011

Entry reminder……

Need to be in by 12th Oct

Late entries closing date 19th Oct (£25 surcharge)

Cup Car for Sale

September 26th, 2011

The ex Joe Flay Cup Car is up for sale includes the original Beetle Cup kit and comes with many new parts & panels.

Easy project for 2012. £2000 contact  Tom Huxtable 07866581030.




SEMSEC Beetles Only Lydden 22nd October

August 28th, 2011

Those very nice people at SEMSEC have given the Beetle Challenge a chance of our own race at Lydden.

This will be the 1st race in the UK & possibly Europe since the end of the Beetle Cup in the 90’s, that is for air cooled VW’s

The grid is provisionally booked so we just need the cars on it, so lets make it happen & get the cars out.

If we field enough cars to run the race we have an offer of more dedicated Beetle only races next year taking in races at Brands Hatch, Snetterton, and Lydden.


For this one off race, we have been offered the race for the entry fee only so no registration fees or membership fees for this one. Its a case of if you have an eligible car you can race for the cost of the entry.

So anyone out there with a car that meets the minimum safety standards, be it almost standard an old Beetle Cup car or Beetle Challenge spec car your in. Or even if you have an air cooled Bug that doesn’t quite meet the reg’s you may still be able to race!…..

VW Heritage 25th Birthday Celebrations

July 28th, 2011

The morning after the night before was a little surreal today, waking up convinced it was a Sunday, but the alarm clock clearly indicated it was just Thursday - Egh???
Were we not at a large scale VW show less than 12hours previously? Well, yes and no!

Yesterday was a ‘workday’ Wednesday, and after a full days graft we hit the road on towards our friends at VW Heritage, who just happened to be celebrating their 25th birthday by organising a cruise from their HQ to the hallowed grounds of Brands Hatch for an evening ‘meet’.

A brief stop at the Clacket Lane Services saw the convoy grow, to what must have been triple numbers of VW’s, both watercooled and aircooled, which then snaked towards the Hatch. There were long tailbacks at every junction leading in to the venue, not because of the rush hour (that finished well over an hour previously) not because of roadworks, not because of broken down retro-chic, but entirely due to the sheer volume of VW’s that had turned out for the evenings festivities. We had to double-take and pinch ourselves as this looked more like the procession into a weekender festival, rather than a Wednesday evening meet!

Line after line of vintage, retro, race and modern machinery filled every available space, with multiple paddock areas and spaces continually being opened to meet the demand - the stewards were blown away, as there were more people in attendance than at the Formula 2 Racing the previous weekend!

The birthday celebrations started with a ‘party bag’ from our hosts, VW Heritage, which also included a bespoke brewed birthday beer - a nice touch to get the party swinging - and a gourmet BBQ, which went down a treat. Altogether it was a brilliant night out… a night out that had all the atmosphere, energy and fun of a major weekend show… so I wonder, was I the only one that woke up on Thursday morning confused!

Race This Weekend at Snetterton

July 20th, 2011

Both Dave Charlton and Cookie will be looking to extend their points this weekend, and work their way up the standings in the Tin Top championship also this weekend… The grids look jam packed so should make for some interesting racing.

VW Heritage 25th Birthday Meet - Unite42nite

July 20th, 2011

Unite 4 2nite

You may have seen the posters in the VW Heritage shop, but if not here is the low down. VW Heritage are taking over the monthly “Prept” meet at Brands Hatch race circuit in Kent on the night of Wednesday 27th July to celebrate our 25th Birthday. All air and water cooled vehicles are welcome and will be automatically entered into a show and shine on arrival.

If you haven’t seen the VW Heritage sponsored circuit race bugs, you’ll be able to get upclose and personal with them in their natural environment at Brands!

Cruise to the Circuit.
The meet is starting from 7pm, we are planning on a convoy leaving VW Heritage at 6pm, stopping at Clacket Lane (about 6.45) to collect more cars and leaving Clacket’s at 7pm to arrive by 7.30pm (fashionably late). It’s £2 to get into Brands Hatch (this pays for their security staff) and the meet will continue into the night! If you want to know more about this event then please email us for more information.

Go Karting
Add your name to a long list of famous drivers to have completed laps of the legendary Brands Hatch Indy Circuit. Not the full size track, but a near perfect scaled down replica! Compete for the fastest lap time on the night and the winning driver will be awarded a prize. Come and see us for entries and at £10 for 15 minutes, this much fun doesn’t come much cheaper!

Ace Cafe Aircooled Meet July 2011

July 20th, 2011

A few of us ventured out to the Ace Cafe Aircooled meet last night for a good ‘ole chinwag over a brew (of hops or tea leaf variety - choose your poison) The threatening skies only produced the briefest of showers, which frankly made the journey to the Ace more fun in the race cars, slip sliding around on the demand of the right foot and opposite lock! The College of North West London brought along the sister car to the Volksworld racer - the product of all the staff and students hard graft (and considerable support and sponsorship from the Volksworld team, Thingamies Beetles, Grove Group, Perftec and crucially VW Heritage who have supplied copious amounts of new parts - including all the components for the college to build a new 1776cc Turnkey Motor, which they were running in on the day.) That said engine seems to be quite pokey, even being restricted to around 3000rpm at the moment, with a nice induction roar from the twin HPMX carb setup.

As you’d come to expect from the Ace meet, there was a great mix of vehicles & styles, from buggies, baja’s, bay’s, the beautiful and the battered! with a big showing of the T4 & T5 brigade too. The College was generating quite a bit of interest from the petrol heads in attendance, all of whom had a vested interest in developing their automotive skillsets, with the faculties facilities literally on the doorstep of the Ace.

The time at the Ace seams to disappear faster than high-octane fuel in a race motor, and the clock tower over the cafe entrance seemed to spin as quick a a rev counter! Soon it was nearing the witching hour, so was time to head back home for some shut eye, as it was a school night after all (Well for the College guys at least!)

See you there next month!

Next stop  Snetterton this weekend for a Beetle Challenge race.. then straight onto  Bug Jam for some fun…

Press coverage at the Autoshow 2011

July 19th, 2011

2011 Autoshow

July 18th, 2011

Dawn broke, as did the thunder clouds, on a muggy Sunday morning, and we set out to the Middlesex County Showground, for the Uxbridge Autoshow 2011. The grey skies and asphalt of the M25 was brought alive by convoys of brightly coloured cars and bikes, of all ages and marques, steadily streaming towards the venue. It’s a one day show, organised by the Rotary Club of Uxbridge, with all proceeds going to various good causes. The event has grown over the past 28 years, and it is now on such a massive scale it has expanded into multiple huge arenas, packed to the rafters with the curious, the exotic, the fun, and some of the most desirable vehicles produced from all years.

We had just a few hours to set up our stand, having joined forces with the Middlesex County Automobile Club (MCAC) to create a pseudo ‘paddock’ display, exhibiting a broad spectrum of high-octane sports that we all participate in, from our circuit racing bugs, through to professional karting and rally cars, both modern WRC and Castrol burning classics.

The day was peppered with sudden torrential downpours, but this obviously didn’t put off the large number of petrol-heads and families in attendance. The main arena was a big crowd draw, with motorcycle stunt shows, and parades of vehicles, including an impromptu display of the race bugs, drifting and donuting much to the dismay of the event organisers (the crowd seemed to love it though!)

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

There was a great turn out of VW’s (both Aircooled and Watercooled) on various club stands, all congregating under eazy-ups for a chinwag, cup-o-tea and a catchup… it’s definitely a show to be penciled into your 2012 calendar.

The day was topped of with the announcement that we had won the annual trophy for ‘Best Club Stand’ so it was back to the main arena for a winners parade, which this time was even more chaotic given the combination of rally and race cars all donuting for the crowd!

The MCAC are hosting a fun ‘Sprint’ event in August, at Bovingdon Airfield, Herts (A sprint is basically a track event where you are racing against the clock - think of it as a hill climb without the hill!)   it really is an entry level for car racing, needing only a basic race license which can be purchased for a few quid from the MSA (Motor Sports Association) and a suitable vehicle to campaign!   Several of the bugs will be competing in this event and it is an open invite for any other interested parties, so get in touch if you are curious!

Anyhow.. next stop is the Ace Cafe for the Aircooled meet this Tuesday 19th July… see you there!

Ace Cafe Meet - Tuesday 19th July 7pm onwards

July 14th, 2011

It’s the monthly Ace Cafe aircooled meet, and we will have some of the Challenge Cars in attendance (Not least because the College of North West London CNWL - a major supporter of the Beetle Challenge is just up the road!)

Would be great to have a chat over a brew, and one of their famous all day breakfasts!

Challenge Cars at the Ace

Uxbridge AutoShow - Sunday 17th July

July 14th, 2011

 Uxbridge Autoshow 2011

We will have a bunch of the Beetle Challenge cars at the Uxbridge AutoShow this weekend ( It has proven to be a big show now, with a mixture of all sorts of clubs, marques and exhibitions - from Vintage Cars / Bikes, an abundance of classic cars, 80’s Retro cars, Performance & Motorsport Machinery, Commercial vehicles, Sports and Custom Bikes, Yanks, Low-riders, Pimped out Hummers, Modern Machinery from many car / bike manufacturers that show their current range.. mixed in with a large swap meet, trade stands, funfair rides, stunt shows etc.. a real eclectic mix of petrol powered machines from the past century!

We will be displaying the cars with the Middlesex County Automobile Club, which will have a selection of different motors on display, from rally cars, through to an Aston Martin GT car (so long as he doesn’t stack it in a race on the Saturday!)

It’s definitely a great day out, and there is typically a great display of bug’s and buses throughout the show, and all proceeds go to various good causes, as this not-for-profit charity event grows year on year.

Uxbridge Autoshow 2011 

Date: Sunday 17th July
Time: 10:00am to 17:00pm
Location: The Uxbridge Autoshow is held on the Middlesex Show Ground, (Just off of Junction 16 of the M25 - head on the M40/A40 towards London, and take the 2nd exit to Uxbridge and you are there!)
For those of you that may require the postcode of the site, its UB8 1NS.

View Larger Map

Trackday Testing at Castle Combe with Volksworld

July 11th, 2011

Had a fun days testing at Castle Combe Circuit with the Volksworld crew - but it wasn’t all without incident !

Volksworld Race Car in the foreground - Monster in the background

Simon’s Car failed the noise testing, and then with the friendly support of Merlin Motorsports (Who supplied several back boxes, mufflers and noise restrictors for us to test), and the Whiltshire Motorsport College (also based on the Castle Combe Circuit) who lent us its state of the art workshop space, well equipped fabrication shop and oodles of enthusiasm and support to concoct a mutant beast of an exhaust to slip through the circuit noise restrictions. It ended up so quiet you could hear the spectators laughs as they pointed in disbelief! (It stuck out the back so much that we inadvertently collected multiple orange traffic cones between the muffler and the rear wing whilst re-entering the scrutaneers bay!)

Argh look at that exhaust!

The Volksworld Car was having a few teething troubles, an after the mornings testing sessions, it was decided to head back to the workshop to fettle with the bug, ready for the next testing day.

Several people ended up having a drive in the No.48 Car ‘Monster’.. Simon (Owner of the Bug), Trigger (Thingamies), Nigel Howe (VW Heritage) and last honours went to the publisher of VolksWorld Magazine Richard Marcroft (With the rest of the Volksworld crew looking on from the pitwall saying “Oh no… what have you done!” )

Ultimately all was well, everyone had a blast and we brought the car home in one piece, having the opportunity of a back-to-back comparison between the VolksWorld race car and ‘Monster’.

Both cars are the same year / model. The Volksworld Car was recently fitted with a custom weld-in RNJ Motorsports cage, and had stiffened the car up significantly, the pay of was improved handling and driver feedback.. However ‘Monster’ has an  IRS conversion with a Bears Motorsport Built ‘box complete with a Quaife Mechanical Limited Slip Diff, and back to back track sessions gave direct insight into the handling differences between the Swing-Axle and IRS configurations

Also up for debate was Monster’s Tarrox 6-Pot Billet calipers on Vented Disc’s, compared to Volksworld standard disc set-up  (Albeit with racing pads and stainless braided hoses) - unquestionably the Tarrox setup gave better performance on the anchors, but could be improved more in terms of balance with the rear brakes - so that is next on the list of developments!

Also fitted was a Bug-Tech shifter, again this needed dialing in to get a true representation on its performance, so we will undertake more specific reviews of this superbly engineered billet aluminum shifter, with it’s direct competitors at the next round of testing.

Anyhow t’was a great day out, and we saw the laptimes drop consistently from the 1:30’s, with Trigger getting into the 1:20’s on his final trip out onto the circuit.. much to the dismay of some of the Scoobys etc..  that were on the trackday.

Lifting the nearside front wheel under hard cornering. The benefits of the IRS rear end can be seen!

Photo Credit:  M J Edwards who was spectating on the day

More air under the drivers side front wheel over the rumble strips, the bug was handling fantastically, and the day was a great opportunity to tryout different tyre pressures and configurations to dial in the bug.

Photo Credit:  M J Edwards who was spectating on the day

Above is the Bug-Tech shifter being prepped for some real-world testing on the circuit - more on that later!

Just check out the Aluminium door card that had produced for the race car - the quality of the workmanship and detail are truly stunning - you have to see them in the flesh to fully appreciate the intricate detail (the checkered flag motif follows through to the rear quarter covers aswell!)

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

videos are from  M J Edwards who was spectating on the day

Volksworld Competition Karting Eliminators

June 25th, 2011


Blue skies and baking temperatures made for ideal karting conditions at the Sandown Park Daytona outdoor track.One by one the Volksworld Show Prize Draw winners started to congregate at the entrance, teased at the sight of the Volksworld Race Car shimmering in the sun, baiting them to race hard and fast, as soon they would all be battling to secure the chance to race that very car in a round of the Beetle Challenge later in the year.

That said seat would have to be earned by means of an elimination process - a karting challenge to narrow down the field to just 3 potential candidates to proceed to the next stage of assessment and training (A track day session at Castle Combe circuit in the Volksworld Race Car along with some additional training with a professional instructor and the opportunity for each candidate to earn a National B Full Race License during another session at Brands Hatch!)

Given what was ultimately up for grabs the atmosphere was fun and friendly (well what would you expect from like minded dubbers!) the only tension surfacing was on the zipper of Staff writer Laurence ‘Florence’ Butchers race suit (Too many pies recently?) The karting action was fast and furious, with a lightning speed turn around between heats, Daytona run a slick operation and everyone had a blast!


The Heats:
Connagh Flynn lay down the gauntlet in some style in the very first heat,  with a lap average speed of 00:53:415 - an impressive 2 secs a lap faster than his nearest rival.
Heat 2 saw Dave Benns throw the gauntlet straight back, being the first karter to break in to the magic 51sec laptime, backed up by a 00:53.113 average laptime, with nearly 3secs a lap quicker than 2nd place driver Sam Montague!
Connagh had an answer in Heat 3 putting in a 51sec lap and his average drop to the 52’s in a race that he led from pole position to the flag - being chased down by Adam Hunter who leapfrogged to 2nd place and a great drive from Andy Cross who progressed from fifth to third place.
Heat 4 saw Dave Benns lead from the front, with Alex Frost and Rob Burns having a close race to second and third respectively.
Andy Cross took the number one position at the checkered flag of Heat 5, with Connagh Flynn fighting his way through the pack from sixth place on lap one, right up to the second spot.
The last heat saw Dave Dodge push through and take two crucial places, passing Rob Burns and Nathan Cuff on the last lap to secure the Heat 6 win.


The Semi Finals:
The first Semi Final saw Dave Benns take the top spot, with Adam Hunter and Rob Burns following very closely behind, with them all lapping in the low 53’s average
The second Semi Final saw Connagh Flynn pull off an 52sec average speed romping home to the top spot, with Nathan Cuff taking second place and an impressive drive from Andy Cross who made up several places to secure the number three spot.


The Final:
The grid was filled with Dave Benns, Rob Burns, Sean Brereton, Andy Cross, Nathan Cuff, Dave Dodge, Connagh Flynn, Alex Frost, Sam Montague and John Smart… The lights went out and the flying Flynn stormed off the start - infact he romped home to a dominating victory putting in lap after lap in the 51’s consistently, Connagh was fast!

However behind him there was some serious dogfighting, Dave Dodge passed the timing marker on the first lap in fifth position, but focus and consistent laptimes saw plenty of overtaking and him in a podium position… laps four and five saw an epic battle between Dave and Rob Burns for the position two on the podium… Lap six saw Dave Dodge make the move and claim the second spot, but Rob was not rolling over, oh no he pushed Dave hard, with just two-tenths of a second separating them on the final few laps… Dave made himself wide with lots of defensive lines and ultimately passed the checkered flag in second spot with Rob taking third, but only just as Dave Benns so nearly took Rob on the last corner of the last lap!


The Winners:
So congratulations to 1st Connagh Flynn, 2nd Dave Dodge and 3rd Rob Burns for earning their place in the next round of the elimination process, as they are one step closer to securing a drive in the Volksworld Race Car in a round of the Beetle Challenge!

Volksworld competition winners


Special Beetle Challenge Awards:


The Thingamies Award for Fastest Competitor Lap on the day went to Connagh Flynn who managed a 00:51:486 time.
Thingamies Award for Fastest Competitor Lap

The Bears Motorsports Award for most impressive drive went to Dave Dodge. The Daytona Race Control team singled him out for his brilliant drive in the final from the back of the starting grid to the 2nd spot on the podium.
Bears Motorsports Award for Most Impressive Drive


The Volksworld Staff and Beetle Challenge Racers Karting Competition:
The action didn’t stop there on the day, as simultaneously the Volksworld staff and some of the current Beetle Challenge racers had their own karting races! (just to give the competition challengers a breather in between heats and keep heat in the sticky rubber for them of course!)
Ivan couldn’t make the event, so as a token gesture Adrian Vaughn wore a T-Shirt with Ivan’s face molded round his belly! it all seamed quite apt as Ivan’s face rippled with the speed and g-forces!

No one on this starting grid had anything to gain or loose… and it showed, with dirty tactics, frequent marshall ‘calm down’ warning boards, but nether the less good spirited racing (or chasing if you were the unlucky one to be punted off the track!)

Tony ‘Hans Klapp’ (Volksworld) dominated every heat and race! with many laps in the 51’s, Lawrence ‘Florence’ Butcher (Volksworld & Beetle Challenge Racer) had some great battles throughout the heats and took the second spot on the podium in the final, leaving Sam Elmore (Thingamies) to romp to third place in the final after some equally impressive heats, although his proudest moment was nudging Simon Sergides (Thingamies & Beetle Challenge Racer) off the track in the final!
The biggest incident of the day must go to Phil ‘Perftec’ Thompson (Beetle Challenge Racer), who was forced into a spin coming into the back straight, Craig ‘Grandpa’ Winfield (Beetle Challenge Racer) managed to squeeze past on the tarmac to make up a few positions in a blink of an eye, but Adrian and Simon came round the corner at full chat only to be confronted by Phil’s stationary kart just meters away… you could see the look of ‘Oh my g** this is it’ in Phil’s eye’s as 19stone of Simon at terminal velocity was thundering towards him.. Phew he missed! but Simon ended up like a beached whale in the tyre wall, and in true gentlemanly style Phil waved goodbye and drove off into the sunset!


The Perftec Award for Fastest Staff Lap on the day went to Tony ‘Hans Klapp’ with a 00:51:503
Volksworld Karting Fastest Staff Lap


The Vital Statistics from the Day:
Heat 1:                                    Best Lap
1st:      Connagh Flynn        (00:52:326)
2nd:    Sean Brereton          (00:54:546)
3rd:     Andy Cook                (00:54:897)

Heat 2:                                   Best Lap
1st:      Dave Benns               (00:51:619)
2nd:    Sam Montague        (00:54:008)
3rd:     Alex Frost                 (00:55:852)

Heat 3:                                   Best Lap
1st:      Connagh Flynn        (00:52:326)
2nd:    Adam Hunter           (00:53:258)
3rd:     Andy Cross               (00:54:323)

Heat 4:                                   Best Lap
1st:      Dave Benns              (00:52:189)
2nd:    Alex Frost                 (00:53:969)
3rd:     Rob Burns                (00:55:489)

Heat 5:                                   Best Lap
1st:      Andy Cross               (00:52:975)
2nd:    Connagh Flynn        (00:51:829)
3rd:     Steve Newell            (00:53:360)

Heat 6:                                   Best Lap
1st:       Dave Dodge             (00:53:177)
2nd:     Nathan Cuff            (00:53:646)
3rd:      Rob Burns               (00:53:023)


Semi Final 1:                         Best Lap
1st:       Dave Benns              (00:52:047)
2nd:     Adam Hunter          (00:52:329)
3rd:      Rob Burns               (00:52:372)

Semi Final 2:                         Best Lap
1st:       Connagh Flynn         (00:51:461)
2nd:     Nathan Cuff               (00:53:062)
3rd:      Andy Cross                (00:53:496)


Final:                                       Best Lap
1st:       Connagh Flynn        (00:51:486)
2nd:     Dave Dodge              (00:52:055)
3rd:      Rob Burns                (00:52:218)


Volksworld Race Car Challenge Final Standings:
01: Connagh Flynn
02: Dave Dodge
03: Rob Burns
04: Dave Benns
05: Adam Hunter
06: Andy Cross
07: Sam Montague
08: Nathan Cuff
09: John Smart
10: Sean Brereton
11: Alex Frost

VolksWorld Magazine track day

June 9th, 2011

Have you ever wanted to drive your V-Dub on a race track ?

Well now is your chance! VolksWorld Magazine is holding a track day at the Castle Combe circuit on 7th July 2011.

Ivan and the boys will be in attendance giving our own race car a dust down and testing some parts for the magazine, so come and look at what they are up to and see just what goes into producing an article for VolksWorld Magazine.

Castle Combe Circuit Car Track Days provide you with the opportunity to drive your car around a race circuit. Your day will start with a detailed safety briefing given by a senior Castle Combe Racing School instructor. They will explain the rules and safety requirements and provide an insight into circuit driving before you go out on the track. The day runs from 9am-5pm, there is a lunch break from 12:30-1:30pm. All drivers will need to be at the circuit for 8am, to complete the on day administration, sound check and attend the compulsory safety briefing. There is a maximum of 20 cars permitted on the circuit at any time.

New to Track, don’t worry Castle Combe will look after you.

If you are new to Castle Combe Circuit or have not driven on a track before, let them know when you book your place, they will then send you detailed step by step instructions so you will know what to do when you arrive. Everyone has to start somewhere and they will assure you of a friendly welcome, they will provide you with an extra briefing and, subject to numbers, group you in a separate session. In that first session, they will take you round in a Castle Combe Racing School saloon car, pointing out the correct lines and braking points. The instructors are available all day to give assistance if required.

Noise Restriction

All vehicles must comply to the strict noise limit of 100db(A), which is measured at ∏ metre from the exhaust outlet at 4500rpm. All vehicles will be sound checked prior to taking to the circuit, please ensure that your car is in suitable condition for circuit driving and to MOT standard. Cars fitted with slick tyres are only permitted subject to strict monitoring of driving standards. In the event of a car failing the sound check, then the driver will be entitled to a 75% refund. If you are unsure if your car will get through the noise test, then you could always come over to get it noise tested prior to booking a place.

You don’t need a V-Dub to take part but we very much encourage it.

Cost for the day is just £130.00 that is £40.00 off the normal track day cost, and use special code VW2011 when booking to ensure you get your discount.

Book online now - click here  or call 01249 782417
(Use discount code VW2011)

Johnny ‘Ace’ shaking down his bug

June 1st, 2011

Johnny had a successful day at the Crystal Palace Motorsport Festival, campaigning his fresh built bug on the sprint course.
Next stop was Lydden Hill Circuit for a shakedown then we will see him on the grid (Albeit in a different class due to the modifications and spec of this awesome car)

Volksworld winners

May 25th, 2011

The 40 winners from the Volksworld show will be starting the 1st phase of the driver selection process with a race at the Sandown Park Karting circuit on June 25th. The top 3 drivers on the day will then go on for further assessment on a racing circuit with one driver winning the drive in a round of the Beetle Challenge.

2011 update

May 22nd, 2011

A slow start to the season has given the divers who were prepared a head start with getting some early points on the board, Steve McGillivary has seized the opportunity and we have seen his ever reliable 1302 take an early lead, not only has he taken an early lead in the Beetle Challenge but has also risen to 4th over all in the Tin Tops.

The next round at Mallory Park on May 30th will see Steve fighting to keep his points lead ahead of a larger grid of Beetles.

Be sure to keep up with the action on Motors TV who will be giving live coverage of the meeting.




Motor Sport News - 4th May 2011

May 4th, 2011

The voice of motor sport ‘Arron Simpson’ ran a column in this weeks Motor Sport News publication - with some of the beetles on circuit antics capturing his imagination with praise for the fun, diversity of cars and the splendid racing it generated - High praise indeed in a motor sport market dominated by factory supported teams with huge TV rights, to have the club sport action singled out as some of the most entertaining and eclectic racing happening right now! (We might not be getting a cut of the TV royalties.. but we are now featuring on TV and even LIVE TV.. so that’s great news for our sponsors, and another scary pressure to perform in front of the cameras and global TV audiences!)

That’s be Nick in the Red beetle doing battle with a Fiat..

Brands Hatch Indy Round

April 30th, 2011

Race Car for sale

March 5th, 2011

Absolute Bargain £3500 no offers.

This is a complete get in & drive car ready for the 2011 season.

Ex-Rich Welsh Beetle Cup Car recommissioned and raced in Beetle Challenge since 2009. Fitted with a strong 1641 still basically in Cup spec but now fitted with twin Empi HPMX40’s for extra grunt and power. Car handles really well so would suit a novice or experienced driver. MOT’d and taxed. Resprayed in 2010 in Renault Sport yellow.

 Includes a spare set of alloy wheels with road tyres, a spare set of steel wings, a tub of paint plus some other bits and pieces. Car located in West London. Contact Phil on 07904 682870 or phil AT


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