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The Official Beetle Challenge Website - Aircooled VW Circuit Racing in the UK

FAQ’s -

FAQ’s you ask em, we give you a line…

Q: Is the engine capacity really unrestricted?

A: YES! so long as it is a type1 based motor and running carbs (No EFI, electronic ignition or forced induction allowed)

Q: I don’t think I will be competitive with my engine and abilities… is this aircooled beetle circuit racing series really for me?

A: If you have always wanted to combine a desire to go racing with your passion for aircooled VW’s then the answer is definitely YES..YES..YES!!!

Q: Can I use my Type 4 based motor?

A: Unfortunately not.. this series is currently limited to Type 1 based aircooled beetle engines (However consessions could be made to allow you to run as a ‘wildcard‘ guest if the rest of your car meets the safety specs and requirements as set out in the regulations.)

Q: Is Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) allowed?

A: No - Naturally Aspirated Carburation only.

Q: Can I run a Turbo or other forced induction?

A: No forced induction is allowed.


This race series was conceived to be ‘inclusive‘ not ‘exclusive‘.

There will be a mixed grid of experienced and novice drivers, so there will be personal as well as series battles in every race for sure! The restrictions have been kept to a minimum for many reasons, not least to encourage everyone to digout what they have been collecting over the past decade, and assemble a circuit racer with it! We want this to be the most affordable, fun racing we can have, and it looks to be some of the cheapest racing in the UK!

We just don’t know what will prove to be the best car/engine setup to lead the field…

So will a 1776cc engine in an IRS bug annihilate a 2332cc swing axle bug?
…will a torquey motor be able to out drag a higher revving motor that holds a gear?
…will a 1600cc motor prove to be more reliable than a 2007cc motor?

Only smarties have the answer!

One thing we do know is that one of the registered competitors is running a superb 1835cc motor, and has been campaigning this on on various track events, consistently beating cars with a so-called capacity advantage…

So it all filters down to the fact that we want a capacity grid.. not a capacity restriction.

 The age old saying rightly points out.. to finish first, you must first finish.. what are you waiting for… prep that ol’bug shell that has been gathering dust for the past decade!

Does your car meet the MSA / Series Specs?
Read the regulations first to see if your bug would qualify (or what modifications you would need to do to bring your Beetle up to spec.)

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