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Volksworld Competition Karting Eliminators

June 25th, 2011


Blue skies and baking temperatures made for ideal karting conditions at the Sandown Park Daytona outdoor track.One by one the Volksworld Show Prize Draw winners started to congregate at the entrance, teased at the sight of the Volksworld Race Car shimmering in the sun, baiting them to race hard and fast, as soon they would all be battling to secure the chance to race that very car in a round of the Beetle Challenge later in the year.

That said seat would have to be earned by means of an elimination process - a karting challenge to narrow down the field to just 3 potential candidates to proceed to the next stage of assessment and training (A track day session at Castle Combe circuit in the Volksworld Race Car along with some additional training with a professional instructor and the opportunity for each candidate to earn a National B Full Race License during another session at Brands Hatch!)

Given what was ultimately up for grabs the atmosphere was fun and friendly (well what would you expect from like minded dubbers!) the only tension surfacing was on the zipper of Staff writer Laurence ‘Florence’ Butchers race suit (Too many pies recently?) The karting action was fast and furious, with a lightning speed turn around between heats, Daytona run a slick operation and everyone had a blast!


The Heats:
Connagh Flynn lay down the gauntlet in some style in the very first heat,  with a lap average speed of 00:53:415 - an impressive 2 secs a lap faster than his nearest rival.
Heat 2 saw Dave Benns throw the gauntlet straight back, being the first karter to break in to the magic 51sec laptime, backed up by a 00:53.113 average laptime, with nearly 3secs a lap quicker than 2nd place driver Sam Montague!
Connagh had an answer in Heat 3 putting in a 51sec lap and his average drop to the 52’s in a race that he led from pole position to the flag - being chased down by Adam Hunter who leapfrogged to 2nd place and a great drive from Andy Cross who progressed from fifth to third place.
Heat 4 saw Dave Benns lead from the front, with Alex Frost and Rob Burns having a close race to second and third respectively.
Andy Cross took the number one position at the checkered flag of Heat 5, with Connagh Flynn fighting his way through the pack from sixth place on lap one, right up to the second spot.
The last heat saw Dave Dodge push through and take two crucial places, passing Rob Burns and Nathan Cuff on the last lap to secure the Heat 6 win.


The Semi Finals:
The first Semi Final saw Dave Benns take the top spot, with Adam Hunter and Rob Burns following very closely behind, with them all lapping in the low 53’s average
The second Semi Final saw Connagh Flynn pull off an 52sec average speed romping home to the top spot, with Nathan Cuff taking second place and an impressive drive from Andy Cross who made up several places to secure the number three spot.


The Final:
The grid was filled with Dave Benns, Rob Burns, Sean Brereton, Andy Cross, Nathan Cuff, Dave Dodge, Connagh Flynn, Alex Frost, Sam Montague and John Smart… The lights went out and the flying Flynn stormed off the start - infact he romped home to a dominating victory putting in lap after lap in the 51’s consistently, Connagh was fast!

However behind him there was some serious dogfighting, Dave Dodge passed the timing marker on the first lap in fifth position, but focus and consistent laptimes saw plenty of overtaking and him in a podium position… laps four and five saw an epic battle between Dave and Rob Burns for the position two on the podium… Lap six saw Dave Dodge make the move and claim the second spot, but Rob was not rolling over, oh no he pushed Dave hard, with just two-tenths of a second separating them on the final few laps… Dave made himself wide with lots of defensive lines and ultimately passed the checkered flag in second spot with Rob taking third, but only just as Dave Benns so nearly took Rob on the last corner of the last lap!


The Winners:
So congratulations to 1st Connagh Flynn, 2nd Dave Dodge and 3rd Rob Burns for earning their place in the next round of the elimination process, as they are one step closer to securing a drive in the Volksworld Race Car in a round of the Beetle Challenge!

Volksworld competition winners


Special Beetle Challenge Awards:


The Thingamies Award for Fastest Competitor Lap on the day went to Connagh Flynn who managed a 00:51:486 time.
Thingamies Award for Fastest Competitor Lap

The Bears Motorsports Award for most impressive drive went to Dave Dodge. The Daytona Race Control team singled him out for his brilliant drive in the final from the back of the starting grid to the 2nd spot on the podium.
Bears Motorsports Award for Most Impressive Drive


The Volksworld Staff and Beetle Challenge Racers Karting Competition:
The action didn’t stop there on the day, as simultaneously the Volksworld staff and some of the current Beetle Challenge racers had their own karting races! (just to give the competition challengers a breather in between heats and keep heat in the sticky rubber for them of course!)
Ivan couldn’t make the event, so as a token gesture Adrian Vaughn wore a T-Shirt with Ivan’s face molded round his belly! it all seamed quite apt as Ivan’s face rippled with the speed and g-forces!

No one on this starting grid had anything to gain or loose… and it showed, with dirty tactics, frequent marshall ‘calm down’ warning boards, but nether the less good spirited racing (or chasing if you were the unlucky one to be punted off the track!)

Tony ‘Hans Klapp’ (Volksworld) dominated every heat and race! with many laps in the 51’s, Lawrence ‘Florence’ Butcher (Volksworld & Beetle Challenge Racer) had some great battles throughout the heats and took the second spot on the podium in the final, leaving Sam Elmore (Thingamies) to romp to third place in the final after some equally impressive heats, although his proudest moment was nudging Simon Sergides (Thingamies & Beetle Challenge Racer) off the track in the final!
The biggest incident of the day must go to Phil ‘Perftec’ Thompson (Beetle Challenge Racer), who was forced into a spin coming into the back straight, Craig ‘Grandpa’ Winfield (Beetle Challenge Racer) managed to squeeze past on the tarmac to make up a few positions in a blink of an eye, but Adrian and Simon came round the corner at full chat only to be confronted by Phil’s stationary kart just meters away… you could see the look of ‘Oh my g** this is it’ in Phil’s eye’s as 19stone of Simon at terminal velocity was thundering towards him.. Phew he missed! but Simon ended up like a beached whale in the tyre wall, and in true gentlemanly style Phil waved goodbye and drove off into the sunset!


The Perftec Award for Fastest Staff Lap on the day went to Tony ‘Hans Klapp’ with a 00:51:503
Volksworld Karting Fastest Staff Lap


The Vital Statistics from the Day:
Heat 1:                                    Best Lap
1st:      Connagh Flynn        (00:52:326)
2nd:    Sean Brereton          (00:54:546)
3rd:     Andy Cook                (00:54:897)

Heat 2:                                   Best Lap
1st:      Dave Benns               (00:51:619)
2nd:    Sam Montague        (00:54:008)
3rd:     Alex Frost                 (00:55:852)

Heat 3:                                   Best Lap
1st:      Connagh Flynn        (00:52:326)
2nd:    Adam Hunter           (00:53:258)
3rd:     Andy Cross               (00:54:323)

Heat 4:                                   Best Lap
1st:      Dave Benns              (00:52:189)
2nd:    Alex Frost                 (00:53:969)
3rd:     Rob Burns                (00:55:489)

Heat 5:                                   Best Lap
1st:      Andy Cross               (00:52:975)
2nd:    Connagh Flynn        (00:51:829)
3rd:     Steve Newell            (00:53:360)

Heat 6:                                   Best Lap
1st:       Dave Dodge             (00:53:177)
2nd:     Nathan Cuff            (00:53:646)
3rd:      Rob Burns               (00:53:023)


Semi Final 1:                         Best Lap
1st:       Dave Benns              (00:52:047)
2nd:     Adam Hunter          (00:52:329)
3rd:      Rob Burns               (00:52:372)

Semi Final 2:                         Best Lap
1st:       Connagh Flynn         (00:51:461)
2nd:     Nathan Cuff               (00:53:062)
3rd:      Andy Cross                (00:53:496)


Final:                                       Best Lap
1st:       Connagh Flynn        (00:51:486)
2nd:     Dave Dodge              (00:52:055)
3rd:      Rob Burns                (00:52:218)


Volksworld Race Car Challenge Final Standings:
01: Connagh Flynn
02: Dave Dodge
03: Rob Burns
04: Dave Benns
05: Adam Hunter
06: Andy Cross
07: Sam Montague
08: Nathan Cuff
09: John Smart
10: Sean Brereton
11: Alex Frost

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