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VolksWorld Race Car and Test Mule

September 22nd, 2010

The latest issue of VolksWorld Magazine ( debuted the new circuit racer, which will also be used as an ongoing test mule for some detailed product testing features, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of it!

Following a successful day of testing at Castle Combe, also it’s first time turning a wheel in anger since the 90’s as it’s an Ex-Cup car, everyone was smiling.

It was all produced from a ‘great idea’ - through to acquiring a donor vehicle - a complete body and mechanical strip down and overhaul - rapid procurement -¬† and out onto the circuit in just a few (but long!) weeks. All with the help of some great sponsors and supporters of the project, who’s logo grace the gleaming new paintwork.

The donor vehicle was dragged into the College of North West London’s (CNWL) automotive engineering and bodyshop, where the Lecturers worked a minor miracle, rallying their troops to produce the car in a time frame that would even make the producers of Overhaulin’ nod their heads in admiration!

Trigger of Thingamies Beetles, was appointed as the technical adviser on the project, an obvious match given his pro-active involvement in the Beetle Challenge, and many of the race cars which have been, and are being built. (The CNWL bodyshop have painted most of the other cars too! - but then you knew that already as you have been reading the Blog - Haven’t You????!!! )

This was the first car that the college had mechanically and race prepared directly (Although they did have an competitive advantage, as the Chief Mechanic ‘John’ has had a long term love affair with Aircooled dubs, and an inflactuation with turbos and superchargers - good man!).

Given the deadline pressures the college did a super-human job.. proof was in the pudding on the testing day at Castle Combe.. where ‘time’ between product swap-outs was the biggest problem for Trigger and the VolksWorld pit crew, as the car didn’t miss a beat!

It was then back to the CNWL for the race car, where it has been undergoing more product tests which are being proven on their brand new Rolling Road.. So you’ll be seeing and reading more about the results in the coming months in the Magazine and online with some behind the scenes features, videos and more technical detail reading for the more¬† nerdy types that want to get even more under the skin of the test results and methodologies.

Next step is back over to Thingamies HQ for an MoT so that it can grace the streets without the need for Trade plates - or the kind trailering and crew support from Perftec Phil and his trusty T25.

To read the article.. pop down to WH Smiths, or better still get a subscription!
(Zooming in won’t work on these images! Go get a copy !)

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